Art on commision


I cooperate and create on demand unique paintings for hotels, restaurants, corporate premises or private clients. Let your space stand out with the help of bright and valuable paintings. The paintings are created using a rare 2500-year-old encaustic technique using colored beeswax, which is applied to the surface like canvas or wood board with a hot iron.

The unique style combined with exclusive, luxurious materials such as fine silver or 24 carat gold creates a remarkable glamorous experience in any space. I have held exhibitions in places like Monaco, Luxembourg, Barcelona, ​​Austria and VIP events all over Europe. I have partnered with 5-star brands such as Boutsen Design Monaco, Kempinski Hotels, Zion Spa Luxury, MSJ Collection, Super Yacht Show, Amber Lounge Monaco Grand Prix, Golf & Private Clubs, which add value to their clients so they can personally enjoy the unique works of art.

Enrich your premises with art. I guarantee uniqueness and quality.



Paintings on request. I will create art for you based on your special requests.


Wide range of sizes. I create paintings in various and atypical dimensions, so they fit perfectly in every room.


Gold, silver but also colors that brighten the spaces. Unique works that carry value and pleasant feelings for your clients.

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