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Michael Gavrieli


My name is Michael Gavrieli self-taught European artist & entrepreneur that was blessed with a unique vision and desire to create exclusive art using pure 24 karat gold material for an elite niche clientele, but I did not know how to do it.
My story began in 2014 when I was running a pension in High Tatras Slovakia, and my wife has found out about this unique 2500 y. o. an Encaustic technique using colored bee wax apply on paper with a hot iron, and she asked me to try it and see if I enjoy it. From the first moment, I fall in love with the technique and decide to set up my small atelier space and begin to work on creating art every day.
I have invested a lot of time, energy, and investments, experimenting with many materials until I had discover the right 24 karat gold product (not the gold leaf ) that was well suited and created a stunning result that was matching my vision. Finally in 2018 I have created The Royal 24 karat gold exclusive limited edition and one of the masterpieces is the most officially valued painting in the history of a living artist not just in Slovakia but also Czech Republic art scene. This sensational edition is only available for elite clientele or private art collectors and for the next edition is created a waiting list. (Only the serious applicants will find out all details about creating process and used materials) My know-how secret technique & exclusive materials. My goal is to create a new history in the world of modern art , bringing original pieces to the market. My another ambitions to bring a unique experience to the world leaders memorize a unique historical moment of their country and to experience a unique piece of art as a new cultural experience that they will not find anywhere in the world. I am working with international embassies to dedicating painting from the Fine silver luxury edition to the world's great leaders and Royal families.

Exhibitions in places like Monaco, Luxembourg, Barcelona, Austria, and at many VIP events around Europe where I have met many well-known, respected people who enjoy the experience of seeing such exclusive masterpieces and great feedback from directors of world-leading galleries create a unique art investment opportunity and impress your guests.


Royal 24 karat gold exclusive limited edition

The Royal 24 karat gold paintings are an exclusive limited edition that reflects the special glittering energy of pure gold. These symbols of wealth, luxury and value are original masterpieces, that you will not find anywhere in the world. Delicately made with unique secret technique, these precious pieces of art are only awailable for a special elite clientele.

Royal fine silver luxury edition

This rare collection of fine silver luxury edition paintings is a delight to the eyes. Made by using secret techniques, that will be betrayed to serious applicant it easily blends with modern luxurious interiors, adding beauty and shiny silver energy on the walls.

Encaustic positive energy edition

The Encaustic edition is a combination of American and European colored bee waxes, applied with hot iron without any precious materials. The combination of color selection is mindfully chosen to represent specific meanings and symbols of love, health , wealth and happiness thus creating a unique positive energy in the ambience.