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Michael Gavrieli


My name is Michael Gavrieli self-taught European artist that was blessed with a vision and follow my dream to create luxury artworks in the forms of jewelry for walls with premium materials for niche elite clientele. I work with a unique secret technique combined with pure 24 karat gold or fine silver. It is not the traditional gold leave plated technique like everybody thinks but a much higher level of materials made of pure gold that you have not seen anywhere in the world! Exhibitions in places like Monaco, Luxembourg, Barcelona, Austria and at many VIP events around Europe where I have met many well-known respected people who enjoy the experience of seeing such an exclusive piece of arts and some of them turn to proud owners of my works. Reflection unique energy of pure gold through my art creates a symbol of wealth, value, and prestige to elite homes or offices is something that only a few in the world can experience. Find out about our waiting list process for limited production of gold masterpieces a year.


Royal 24 karat gold exclusive limited edition

The Royal 24 karat gold paintings are an exclusive limited edition that reflects the special glittering energy of pure gold. These symbols of wealth, luxury and value are original masterpieces, that you will not find anywhere in the world. Delicately made with unique secret technique, these precious pieces of art are only awailable for a special elite clientele.

Royal fine silver luxury edition

This rare collection of fine silver luxury edition paintings is a delight to the eyes. Made by using secret techniques, that will be betrayed to serious applicant it easily blends with modern luxurious interiors, adding beauty and shiny silver energy on the walls.

Joy Gerta edition

The Encaustic edition is a combination of American and European colored bee waxes, applied with hot iron without any precious materials. The combination of color selection is mindfully chosen to represent specific meanings and symbols of love, health , wealth and happiness thus creating a unique positive energy in the ambience.