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Michael Gavrieli

One-of-a-kind luxury art that the world have never seen!


Michael Gavrieli is a visionary European artist who has revolutionized the world of luxury art with his unique “Encaustic” technique with Ancietns roots combination of precious materials like raw 24 karat gold and fine silver. His masterpieces are true testaments to his exceptional talent, creativity, and dedication to his best form of craft.


Among Michaels’ portfolio of over 230 stunning paintings, the 24 karat Golden Phoenix stands out as a true icon of the luxury art market. Meticulously crafted from the finest raw 24 karat gold, this masterpiece represents the pinnacle of modern art, embodying both beauty and elegance in its every detail. For the discerning clientele seeking only the most extraordinary and exclusive works of art, the 24 karat Golden Phoenix is a true masterpiece that will awe and inspire for generations to come.


An immensely successful showcase in the exclusive realm of luxury super yachts has taken the discerning clientele by storm. Since its inception in 2019, this exhibition has discreetly sold over 70 exquisite art pieces to VIP clients across Europe and Monaco, strictly through private sales.


The magical and spiritual technique is unique in use of materials and longevity of pieces that have thousends of years existens. Instead of acryl or oil colors are used pigmented colored bee wax apply on surfaces like canvas, paper, or wooden board with a hot Encaustic iron that will last centuries.

Michael’s journey began in his early thirties when he was struck with a vision to craft one-of-a-kind art pieces using exquisite 24 karat gold materials. His ultimate goal was to create something truly exceptional that would captivate the discerning taste of exclusive high-end clients, providing them with a truly unique and unparalleled experience. It was during this time that Michael’s wife stumbled upon a fortuitous meeting with a spiritual figure, who introduced her to the ancient Encaustic technique. Little did she know that this chance encounter would spark a fire within Michael, igniting his passion and talent for creating rare and valuable art pieces. It became his life’s mission to use his skills to provide the world with a true sense of luxury and sophistication through his masterpieces.


His artworks are categorized into three editions:

  • –  The Ancient Royal 24 karat gold billionaire collection
  • –  The Ancient Fine Silver luxury edition
  • –  The Ancient Encaustic positive spiritual energy edition.

Michael’s art has been showcased in exclusive exhibitions held in prestigious locations such as Monaco, Luxembourg, Barcelona, Austria, and VIP events across Europe. The experience of viewing his unique and exclusive artworks has left a mind-blowing impression on super yacht owners in Barcelona and Monaco Yacht club.


He has collaborated with elite brands such as Boutsen Design Monaco, Kempinski Hotels, Zion Spa Luxury, MSJ collection, Super Yacht Shows, Private events in Monaco, Golf & Private Clubs, to provide an unparalleled art journey for high-end clientele. These collaborations have brought something new and exciting to the world of art, ensuring that private clients can enjoy an exclusive art experience.




Legend American artist Jack Armstrong working with Andy Warhol and Basqiuat wrote his opinion about Michael Gavrieli rare art :


Michael Gavrieli’s Golden Art is unique in the world.


Gavrieli’s cavasses are revolutionary steps forward in contemporary art.

Incredible synergy with dynamic use of acrylic paint merging with gold is a

– new – form of artistic spirituality, universal in nature that Michael has perfected.


Michael lets each work speak softly & clearly while creating a magical impression on each viewer.

His desire to use precious metal came from his vision to create rare works of art for the Individual who has seen everything except

the golden creations he designs in his studio. He works with his patrons and custom designs each piece for the UHNW collectors that

commission his work, which is a rarity in the current market. A visionary who has created his own exclusive niche in contemporary art.


In this modern age where important art dealers promise to stock everything for global collectors, it’s wonderful

to know that Artist Michael Gavrieli creates modern ‘Bespoke-Golden’ paintings, available only from the artist.

In the future I believe Gavrieli’s work will be included in some of the world’s finest art collections and Museums.

Jack Armstrong, Founder Of Cosmic X Art.






Describtion of modern fine art expert :


Perhaps these words can be used to evaluate the artistic quality of the artwork created by Michael Gavrieli (born on 27 August 1982): “only in part is he self-taught”. He never completed academic education, nor even attended an art school.


His interest was in beauty and he felt the need to express himself, to capitalize creatively on his talent, and this all brought him to courses where he learned encaustic art (a 2,500-year-old technique for making hot beeswax) and started to combined with precious materials.

These ancient techniques opened the door to his intuitive development of color composition that hardly reflects what you see visually. When observing how Gavrieli composes his colors, it is critically important to view the sustained contemplation and peaceful mediation, releasing your mind from strictly rational pondering.

It is as if he is creating mandalas, those ritualistic geometric designs symbolic of the universe. But they are not meant to draw your attention to the transience of the world and the frontiers of human endeavor, but rather for you, like him, to plunge into inner prayer.

Michael Gavrieli’s artworks are not paintings in the true sense; instead, he provides the keys to visual clues that help expose the human mind to the depth of the subconscious. The hypnotic effect of his compositions is intensified by his rich use of powdered gold and silver, which in the true sense of the word transforms them into jewelry.

Looking at the image itself, the subtle light of these precious metals evokes the presence of other dimensions. Gavrieli’s encaustics can be seen to document the world in a state of deep mediation when the material is only limiting and producing a barrier, while the spiritual – though only briefly awakened and not yet fully developed – opens the curtain draping the window to an unknown spiritual world where an essential element is a human soul and falling in love with the powerful and all-knowing Good, the essence of everything.

Mgr. Martin Šugár Ph.D., modern fine art expert