About me

“Art is how we decorate space, music is how we decorate time “

Jean Michel Basquiat

Michael Gavrieli began his career on his own without any formal art education. Innately idea-driven, he approaches his work with an innovative mind and possesses an ability to produce art that is unique and unconventional.

His first contact with art was when he was 25 years old and met an art collector David in Prague, who showed him more than 100 paintings in his apartment and storage. This triggered an urge in Michael, and he started to dream about creating his own art. With no art schooling background, he doubted if his dream would ever become a reality in the future.

Pursing other interest and being young, he explored doing a variety of things that found him living in Spain, USA (Alaska and California). His roots brought him back home to Slovakia where he started to begin his successful career as an artist.

He is grateful to his wife Gerta for introducing to him the encausting technique of art. Michael instantly fell in love with the art work and soon created his own atelier. He spent almost every day working on himself and experimenting with different styles and techniques. He has re-discovered, through years of experimentation, a 2500 years old encaustic technique with organic hot wax (using flat iron and hot air pistol) mixed with 24 carat gold powder and native silver powder. The results were outstanding. People around him loved the art as it creates amazing shapes and designs which leave a lasting impression and a spectacular effect, bringing an air of luxury to your home or office.

Gold and Silver metals for centuries have been considered as symbols of wealth. Using these precious metals in their powdered form within his art, Michael makes them emanate a special energy which has now become an integral and defining part of his painting. Michael is passionate and loves to work with gold and has plans to start designing his own unique gold jewelry which is now available under his brand Michael Gavrieli.

Michael is an avid learner and has been deeply studying the psychology of the meaning of colors and with the help of his wife Gerta (an unbelievably gifted spiritual healer) he is into creating a special series of paintings aiming at boosting wealth. He has tested the paintings among his friends and the results have been impressive, bringing unforeseen financial prosperity. Michael is always improving his talent by interacting with top artists not just in the Czech Republic and Slovakia but also in the EU.

His main aim is to inspire others throughout the world to enjoy and experience more happiness and wealth through his unique art works! Each of Michael’s painting has an original certificate with his signature in front of the painting and on the back side.

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