About me


Michael Gavrieli is a self-taught European artist working with rare 2500 years old Encaustic technique using colored bee wax that applies on surfaces with a hot iron. His passion and love of this technique made him developed unique style combining with exclusive, luxurious materials like fine silver or 24 karat gold creating such a remarkable glamour experience that you will not find anywhere in the world.

His story began in his mind in his early 30s when he had vision & desire to create unique art using pure 24 karat gold and by discovering his talent & passion to create. The journey was in his mind even when everybody around him was laughing at his goals and dreams to create art with gold, he did not give up and follow his passion by daily hard work and testing different gold materials and accomplish his goal several years later to show everyone everything in life is passible.

Michael invested a lot of time, energy, and resources to create the most officially valued Encaustic painting in the world (The Golden Phoenix) luxurious masterpiece that is making historical and cultural moments in modern art, symbols of wealth and display of iconic status.

Positive energy Encaustic edition, Fine silver luxury edition and the top line Royal 24 karat gold exclusive edition is bringing experience for people who want to enjoy modern, vibrant colors reflecting positive energy into space or unique energy shining from valuable materials offer unique form of an art investments.

Exhibitions in places like Monaco, Luxembourg, Barcelona, Austria, and VIP events around Europe where many well-known respected people, art professionals enjoy the experience seeing such exclusive artworks that fascinating peoples by the phenomenal creations and story that inspire.

Collaborations with 5-star brands like Boutsen Design Monaco, Kempinski Hotels, Zion Spa Luxury, MSJ collection, Super Yacht Shows, Amber Lounge Monaco Grand Prix, Golf & Private Clubs which add value for their clients to enjoy unique artworks in person.

Join the people who are already enjoying his works at home or office and have a deeper part of the experience.

Perhaps these words can be used to evaluate the artistic quality of the artwork created by Michael Gavrieli (born on 27 August 1982): “only in part is he self-taught”. He never completed academic education, nor even attended an art school. His interest was in beauty and he felt the need to express himself, to capitalise creatively on his talent, and this all brought him to courses where he learned encaustic art (a 2,500-year-old technique for making hot beeswax) and took up gold-plating. These ancient techniques opened the door to his intuitive development of colour composition that hardly reflects what you see visually. When observing how Gavrieli composes his colours, it is critically important to view the sustained contemplation and peaceful mediation, releasing your mind from strictly rational pondering. It is as if he is creating mandalas, those ritualistic geometric designs symbolic of the universe. But they are not meant to draw your attention to the transience of the world and the frontiers of human endeavour, but rather for you, like him, to plunge into inner prayer. Michael Gavrieli’s artworks are not paintings in the true sense; instead he provides the keys to visual clues that help expose the human mind to the depth of the subconscious. The hypnotic effect of his compositions is intensified by his rich use of powdered gold and silver, which in the true sense of the word transforms them into jewellery. Looking at the image itself, the subtle light of these precious metals evokes the presence of other dimensions. Gavrieli’s encaustics can be seen to document the world in a state of deep mediation, when the material is only limiting and producing a barrier, while the spiritual – though only briefly awakened and not yet fully developed – opens the curtain draping the window to an unknown spiritual world where an essential element is the human soul and falling in love with the powerful and all-knowing Good, the essence of everything.

Mgr. Martin Šugár PhD, court expert in fine arts and artwork