THE GOLDEN PHOENIX - the most officially valued encaustic technique painting in the world!

The Golden Phoenix is the most prestigious painting of Michael Gavrieli portfolio from the Royal 24 karat gold exclusive limited edition.

The story of this rare masterpiece began in Michael's mind in his early 30s when he had an idea to create something very unique & luxurious for the world market that people never seen anything like this before and will be cultural influence as a symbol of wealth, value, and iconic status. 

Michael invested lot of time, energy and resources to create this dream artpiece that you will not find anywhere in the world. Took him all most a decade to accomplish his dream with 750 hours or work and 200 g of pure 24 karat gold material that is two times more expensive than regular gold with special gold frame just right fit for the painting. 

 Exhibition in places like Monaco, Barcelona, Luxembourg, Austria, and many VIP events around Europe where well know people were fascinated by the sensational creations that will only be available for a elite clientele.

Size: 120 cm x 170 cm

Technique: Secret technique on canvas with pure 24 karat gold

Created: 2017

Painting Number: 041


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