The Golden Phoenix - Royal 3D 24 karat gold exclusive edition

Royal 3D 24 karat gold exclusive edition. Most valued painting in history of Slovakia living artist priced by court fine art expert Mgr. Martin Šugár Ph.D. 

Size: 120 cm x 170 cm

Technique: encaustic on canvas with fine silver and 24 karat gold


Painting Number: 041

The Golden Phoenix

The most expensive artwork created in history of Slovakia art scene

Is one of the two large unique master pieces of Royal 3D luxury edition of 24 carat gold powder series done by special new technique which Michael Gavrieli discovered after many years of experimentation with encaustic technique. Green color used is symbol to attract wealth and financial prosperity and with combination of pure gold add the energy to the process. The golden lines in the middle symbolize roads of life and the option we have in life and it is up to use to chose the right roads to achvieve the required destination for wealthy life. The bird Phoenix is symbol of longevity, empire, sun  conecting and creates a enegry that never dies and lives in paradise like longevity of this art as the wax inside this art can resist 1000 years without restoration. The value in this art is the spectacular idea and meaning behind it with special combination of expensive materials and enormess time to be created. It is the only kind in the world and will attract the right person to become The Owner.


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