The Golden Phoenix is the most prestigious masterpiece painting of Michael Gavrieli Royal 24 karat gold exclusive limited edition. It is the most officially valued painting in the history of living artists in Slovakia and the Czech Republic and the most valued encaustic painting in the world.

The story started five years ago with Michael's vision to create a unique luxury piece of art with pure 24 karat gold. A lot of time, energy, and investments were put into this idea, and finally, years later, with 750 hours of work, it was ready to accomplish his dream with such an original masterpiece of art that you will not find anywhere in the world! Exhibition at places in Monaco, Barcelona, Luxembourg, Austria, and many VIP events around Europe.

The Golden Phoenix is a symbol of wealth, value and was created with unique energy based on the study psychology of colors for attracting wealth and financial prosperity using green colors that attract prosperity with the energy of pure gold this effect makes much stronger. Prestige masterpiece that will impress owner guests and is only available for a selected elite clientele.


Come to visit the exhibition in Grand Hotel Kempinski High Tatras Slovakia from 1.11.2020 - 31.1.2021

The Golden Phoenix is reserved by a private client at the moment. 

Size: 120 cm x 170 cm

Technique: Secret technique on canvas with pure 24 karat gold

Created: 2017

Painting Number: 041


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